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Following the Money Trail into Mandeville

Mandeville is becoming a popular location in the financial community and leaders in Wealth and Estate Planning businesses are taking notice. According to the latest statistics, the estimated median household income in Mandeville is $72,892 compared to $45,727 for Louisiana overall. Mandeville residents have also obtained advanced educations with 46.3% with a Bachelor's degree or higher and 15.8% with graduate or professional degrees.

Compared to the Louisiana state average, Mandeville has a median household income above state average, median house value above state average, unemployment percentage significantly below state average and percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher significantly above state average. All of these reasons make Mandeville an attractive location for wealth companies to do business.

Recently, Brownstone Office Park located in Mandeville, LA welcomed two powerhouses in the Wealth Planning Community. Presley Wealth Management and Burns Estate Planning capitalized on the hot Mandeville market and expanded their businesses by opening offices in the Brownstone Office Park.

There is money to be made in Mandeville and Brownstone Executive Office Suites is the ideal location to attract wealthy clientele. Our upscale and modern building offers a beautifully decorated reception area, spacious executive offices, and professional meeting rooms. We provide the latest technology and can accommodate all your business needs. Come by to take a tour of our property and find out why your business would prosper by expanding to our location.

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