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Are Home Offices Really Best For Your Business?

If your business is one that you never involves meeting clients, then a home office may be right for you. But if you ever do need to meet with your customers, is your dining room table really the look you want to portray?

The sounds of the dish washer, the dog barking in the yard, the TV on in the background.. All of these things can be very distracting to both you and your client.

Also, giving your home address isn't going to have as big of an impact as giving a business address.

No matter how professional your home office space is, it still does not give off the professional vibe like an Executive Office Suite does.

Instead of calling your prospects or clients to meet you at your home, have them meet you at Brownstone Executive Office Suites! Whether it's leasing an Office, or renting a conference room, show your customer you mean business with Brownstone.

Contact Janee' today to lease an office or rent a conference room for your next meeting! Giver her a call at 985-327-1162 or email her at

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