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Meeting While You're Eating?

You just landed a very important meeting with a hot prospective client. You decide your home office isn't ideal, so you meet at a nice restaurant instead. You decide you will pick up the tab & impress the client. But is a restaurant really the best setting for an important meeting?

While you are talking and pitching to your client, they are eating & cutting up their food. They are not giving you their full attention.

You have no privacy.. the waiter, the bus boy, the kitchen noise. All just added distractions.

And after all of this, you haven't been able to touch your food, which is now cold, because you were too busy pitching your ideas to have time to eat.

Is this type of meeting going to get you the results that you need? Yes, you were able to take your client to a nice restaurant and pick up the tab. But is this where you should be giving your important sales pitch?

Instead of calling your prospects or clients to meet you at a restaurant, have them meet you at Brownstone Executive Office Suites! Whether it's leasing an Office, or renting a conference room, show your customer you mean business with Brownstone.

Contact Janee' today to lease an office or rent a conference room for your next meeting! Giver her a call at 985-327-1162 or email her at

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