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Brownstone Office Park is Excited to Welcome Acadian Homes, LLC

With more than 10 years of experience, Brandon and Shannon Badeaux build beautifully inspired custom homes with unlimited possibilities of design and elegance.

Acadian Homes understands the difference between a house and a home. A house is simply a structure. A home is something more specific. A home is unique to the family that lives in it. A home has meaning and an emotional connection that cannot be measured.

At Acadian Homes, our commitment to you is that both your home and our relationship with you are built on a foundation of integrity and trust. We’re committed to a creative and collaborative experience in crafting the exact home that you envision.

Our attention to detail and quality of design are second to none. We believe there is a strong relationship between the function and design of a room and the effect the room has on your day-to-day life. All of our homes are built with you in mind, which is why no two Acadian homes are exactly alike.

Our commitment to excellence begins before the foundation is poured. We work with only the finest architects and designers on the Northshore in order to achieve our goal of building you one of the finest homes in our community.

We believe just about anyone can build you a house, but we want to provide something more, a true home. A home that’s creative, high quality, and unique to you. That’s what we strive to deliver, along with a premium level of service that is second to none.

At Acadian Homes we understand that a custom home requires custom service. We consider ourselves more than just your homebuilder; we like to think of ourselves as your partner in creating the custom home of your dreams. If you think we’re the right team to build your custom home, please contact us today at 985-630-2236.

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