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5 Reasons A Startup Should Consider An Executive Suite- Reason #4

Have a Startup? Here’s Why You Should Consider an Executive Office Suite Instead of a Commercial Building.

Some CEOs of startups think that because the company is going to grow, they should start out in a commercial space – all the easier to expand as the company grows quickly. But they may be mistaken. This week we will be sharing 5 benefits of renting an executive suite at Brownstone.

4. Administrative Help. Another big cost for startups is the cost of hiring employees. Many startups need administrative professionals to perform important tasks such as taking messages, answering phones, greeting visitors, creating documents, etc. There’s no need to place these types of workers on your own payroll because Brownstone offers administrative help! From reception, to taking messages, sorting the mail, and more, we can take care of that for you! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

You have more than enough on your plate as the owner of a startup. Make your life easier by renting space in an executive suite in your company’s first couple of years. Contact Janee’ at Brownstone by calling 985-327-1162 or sending an e-mail at

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